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Tell Congress to support more meals for more kids

Tell Congress to support more meals for more kids

We need your help to support and protect critical programs that provide nutritious food to children and families, including child nutrition waivers and TEFAP. Act now and urge your members of Congress to support legislation that will help ensure kids in our communities have the meals they need to thrive.

Child with an after school meal at program site

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Support support increased access to critical food programs for children and families

Dear [Decision Maker],

For the past two years during the Public Health Emergency, the federal government has been a critical partner in helping families keep food on the table. I urge you to support increased access to key food programs so all children in our communities can continue to thrive.

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we must ensure that ALL members of our communities have the tools and resources they need to thrive. Your support for extending these proven programs will only help in providing more access to nutritious food and other critical resources for families in Northeast Ohio and across the country.

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